Thursday, 16 June 2016

My sabbatical

Purpose: To be refreshed, to listen to God and to return with a ferocious appetite for Jesus! Essentially the trustees and my fellow elders recognize I need a break and are giving me permission to not feel responsible for our beloved church.

12 weeks: Starting Monday 20th June and finishing on Sunday 11th September. I have drawn up a 12 week plan to ensure I make best use of this gift. I have scheduled times of quiet reflection, attending a conference, writing & editing a study guide and family holidays.  

Family Green: Whilst technically it is only me on sabbatical, this will impact Liz and the children. Liz and I wont be around on any Sundays, the children may be, unless they’re with us visiting another church.

Be normal: If you see me in Asda, or around town, just say hello, tell me I look well, you miss me and ask how my sabbatical is going. But please don’t joke about ‘how’s my 12wk holiday is going’. I really won’t find that funny but may try to chuckle so you don’t feel foolish. 

Also, please don’t tell me what isn’t going well in church, or the challenges the team are facing. I am only one person in a highly competent elders, deacons and staff team. They can figure out whatever challenged or problems RFC face. To be honest I am expecting the church to continue to power on without me, it's Jesus who is building His church.  So please, just tell me the good news!

Study Guide: over the 12 weeks I shall producing, helped by a small team, a study guide to support our sermon series on 1Corinthians. I have written it but now it needs to be edited and formatted ready for publication in the Autumn term.

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middleagemusings said...

Have a really refreshing sabbatical Sean. I m praying for you a lot to be filled anew with the Holy Spirit and hear God afresh for yourself. We will miss seeing you around.