Monday, 4 April 2016

Reading 1/2 marathon 2016

So yesterday I completed my 9th consecutive Reading 1/2 and I feel epic.
I ran with Craig and Steve, all of us chasing the mythical sub 90 minutes. But it was not to be. Craig had to pull out because of an injured calf, Steve 'faded' at 8 miles and I missed by 4 seconds. Doh!
Many of my Tri club friends wanted to know if RFC was out on the course because our section gives them such a buzz! And we didn't disappoint. As I turned into London Street there was a wall of noise from our cheering & Scott's decks. It certainly gave me a huge boost!  

To be honest, I am delighted with 1:30:03 ... but sub 1:30:00 still beckons me. 

I turn 50 next year. And I plan to run my tenth Reading 1/2. Put together, that's a fitting reasons to finally nail that goal. 

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