Monday, 7 March 2016

My first Audax

On Saturday I rode my first Audax with some of my TVT friends. An Audax is an unsupported, long distance cycle ride (this one was 129 miles). It's all about self sufficiency in nutrition, pacing and navigation, no-one is going to come and help you.

Around 250 cyclists left a village hall in Gravely at 7:30am heading west to control points (cafes) in Hungerford, then Bratton before circling back to Hungerford and Gravely. 

Within 2 miles we had our first puncture, at 3.5 miles our second, at which point our TVT group split into two to avoid us all getting cold hanging around.
I took my late Grandad's hip flask and we had a celebratory tipple at 100 miles, whisky and lemonade never tasted so good.

Over the day we had sunshine, hail, sleet, rain and gusting winds ... and a lot of banter.

We got back at 6:10pm in the dark & driving rain. I was cold and wet but elated as it was my longest ever ride.

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