Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Kids Church 2 weekend away

Our church is wonderfully served by our children workers... Last weekend they took those in school years 4 - 7 to Rushall Farm and this morning I received this feedback from one of the leaders:

We had a great weekend away with KC2 and the year 7 kids at Rushall Farm.  Highlights for me were

  • Creation of a new breed of "tree men" by the older boys.  Just in case you meet one they look human but have tree branches sticking out of their heads.
  • 2 campfires which we used to melt marsh mellows and generally poke to see what is and isn't flammable.  Sticks are good and marsh mellows burn well too, just in case you're interested.
  • Paddington Bear the movie - surely it was robbed of an Oscar!
  • Several "encounter" sessions - the children had words for each other, asked for prayer for spiritual gifts and prayed for each other.  It's really great to see our children owning their faith and spurring each other on.
  • The wonder and awe of being reminded that we are chosen to be part of God's family if we're Christians.
  • Communion on Sunday morning (with cake instead of bread!).
  • The amazing way the older kids looked after the younger ones.
  • The wonderful food that Lydia and Sarah managed to create!
  • The 4 mile hike that turned into a 15 min walk around the wood when we realised it was far better to climb trees and invent new breeds of human beings then risk getting lost.