Friday, 6 March 2015

Buildings update

I have had a few conversations about our various venues over the past week and thought I'd captured them here: 

London Street Offices: Overall they are working well and the current lease expires October 2015. Plan A is to stay however the building next door is being redeveloped into residential units. This is potentially a significant problem as some of our out-of-hours admin/training meetings are noisy and we want to be good neighbours. 

South Street Arts Centre: Again, overall this venue is working well but is starting to fill up, we were at 70% capacity last Sunday night and parking can be tricky. 

Reading Girls' School - the work on the new school building starts this Easter, at the other end of the playing field. During this period we shall be sharing the back carpark with the Sunday football parents so it will get very busy. The new school building is scheduled to be opened in Sept 2016 and they are planning that we can hire it. We still have questions around storage, classroom availability and the main hall seating capacity but that will all be worked out over the next 12 months. We have been told that we wont have use of either building for the school summer holidays in 2016.

Our first home: As explained at the Members Meeting, we have decided to no longer explore purchasing 4 Acre Road. The Buildings team has continued to be active, looking and rejecting two other buildings since then. Our Vision Fund is growing and we are on track for raising another £100k in this round of fund raising. We believe having a substantial deposit will be really helpful when we finally get to buy our first home!  

What next? This Sunday we have thanksgivings at both our 9 & 11am meetings and it is going to be VERY busy. Halls, rooms and carparks will be full. It feels like we are being squeezed from all sides, but we shall keep on keeping on. Sunday's come and go and Jesus continues to build His church.

Please join me in praying for our first home and also for our excellent Buildings Team as they lead us into it.

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