Thursday, 28 August 2014

Family Green update

I can't quite believe how quickly August has come and nearly gone ... so much has happened. 

Joshua & Lucy (along with 6000 other young people!) really enjoyed the youth festival 'Newday'. One of their highlights was camping alongside 17yr old Martha Collison who is currently on the Great British Bakeoff. This has made Wednesday nights 8-9pm compelling viewing!

Joshua turned 16 (which feels like a significant milestone), did really well in his GCSE's and will start his A levels in September.   

Our family holiday to Lanzarote was brilliant: the villa & pool was fab, the location perfect and the sun shone! I introduced the children to snorkelling and to our delight the sea was warm and teaming with fish. Our local beach / quay was also a hot spot for 'Dive Schools' so we often snorkelled over divers as they did their drills on the sandy bottom! Joshua perfected the art of 'bombing' and dived the three metres off the quay (I could only find the courage to jump in!).
We visited the Volcanic National Park and also some stunning wild beaches. There was plenty of time to read, I got through all my books plus one of Liz's! It was a holiday of family games, building memories and posing for photographs! 

And now our thoughts are turning to the new school term ...buying uniform, re stocking school bags & pencil cases. 

Happy days.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Cultivating a generous heart - Sunday 3 Aug

In case you didn't get one, here is the handout from today's Sermon...