Thursday, 4 December 2014

South Africa trip report - Nov 2014

I produced this report for my fellow elders and the deacons but think it is helpful to distribute it to all at RFC...

Sitho & Miranda moved to Joburg in Aug 2013 with a view of opening up a mission partnership for RFC over the coming years. They have now settled their family, joined CityHill Church and lead into CityHill's Impilo partnership (see below).

Sibs Sabanda first preached at RFC in 2002. RFCs first mission trip to Zimbabwe was in 2007 when we partnered with Sibbs and the church he was leading in Harare. In 2010, Sibbs moved his family to Joburg and in 2012 launched CityHill Church. In 2013 a team from RFC returned to Harare to support a conference that Sibbs was hosting for churches relating to him.

Impilo is a Christian NGO based in Joburg that provides foster homes for AIDS orphans. This is done in partnership with churches, CityHill being one.

The purpose of my travel was to explore a 2015 mission trip for RFC and a potential partnership between RFC and Impilo.

Headlines of trip 19-26 November:
CityHill church in Joburg: I preached at their Sunday meeting on Matt 18:15-17. I also had several meetings & meals with their leadership team. They gather approx 100 on a Sunday, have a good venue and I helped them work through team dynamics.

PJ Smythe, Joburg: I had 3hrs with PJ in his home, building a friendship. PJ is a newfrontiers apostle based in Joburg.

Hans Lodder & Impilo Joburg: I had a morning with Hans who is the CEO and Director of Impilo, which provide foster homes for aids orphans. Sitho has worked with him for a year and I was taken on a tour of their projects and he asked RFC to consider partnering with them.

A township church in Capetown: This church is overseen by Sibs and I spoke at their leadership training day on 'Cultivating the garden of your soul'. I also spent time with their pastor.

Evan & Tracy Rogers, Capetown: We stayed overnight at their house and I ran a half marathon with them! They are planning a move to NewYork mid 2015 to support a newfrontiers church plant there.

Next Steps:
#1 Sibbs and their leadership have indicated it would be helpful for my gifts to play into their team for a season. They will come back with suggestions for us to consider.

#2 Sitho is confident we can partner with Impilo / CityHill for a 8-10 day Mission Trip 2015 in Joburg. Sitho to propose a plan / dates for us to consider.

#3 Depending on the appetite & outcome of the mission trip, RFC to explore partnering formally with Impilo through Sitho.

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