Thursday, 6 November 2014

Why membership?

I am updating the RFC Membership Course notes for this Sunday and was happily reminded why we value membership. I thought existing members would also benefit from a reminder...

Why membership?
Membership is not a biblical command but is a pragmatic and helpful response to our individualistic and fractured culture (and 2000yrs of church history has also played it's part in creating division!). Membership can help us to publicly expresses both the value and the desire to be part of a community.

It signals your expectation to be cared for by the church and your desire to play your part in meeting the needs of our community with your time, talents & treasure. Membership gives you permission to speak into church life and gives others permission to speak into yours.

Our expectation for church members is four fold:
·         They desire to grow in their ‘Joy & Satisfaction’ in God.

·         They desire to grow in their ‘Relationships’ with others in the church.

·         They desire to grow in their ‘Acts of Service’, especially for fellow members.

·         They desire to grow in their ‘Stewardship’ of their time, talents & treasure.


Cindy Dy said...

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