Tuesday, 21 October 2014

We can't stay here

Our town is growing.  250,000 people live in and around Reading and that figure is steadily increasing. New homes are being built, as are schools, roads and rail-links to support this. Reading University is growing in academic stature; it attracts more and more overseas students who then return to influence their home nation. Our town is an expanding ‘mission field’ and we get to co-labour with Jesus and bring in His harvest.

But we do face a few logistical challenges: Our 11am Sunday meeting is beginning to hit its capacity (especially in rooms for children’s work); Reading Girls Schools is getting a new building but we have been told we won’t have any onsite storage; Our mid week meeting rooms are regularly at capacity; We are unable to pursue some of the Social Justice needs of our town because we have offices not a community building. And these are just some of the challenges we face!

However, we believe God has called us to be a growing community and that He will keep adding people to us. Having the right venue/building in the right season of a church’s life makes a huge difference to the effectiveness of fulfilling our calling. After 13 years, the time has come to find a space that can become a 'Home' to our church and a 'Hub' for our Mission; a 'Home' where we can gather in and be ourselves; and a 'Hub' from which we bring God’s Kingdom to our town. 
Giving to our Vision Fund will help make this happen. Please play your part by giving into the Vision Fund. We now need ‘a Home & a Hub’ that helps us reach the town of Reading and beyond.

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