Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Jesus is building His church

In Oct 2001, 37 adults & 10 children posed for a photograph as they opened the doors of Reading Family Church. Last Sunday, 347 adults & 81 kids celebrated Jesus in the conference suite at Madejski Stadium.  
How did that growth happen? 1Peter2:3-4, 9-10 explains how ... Jesus is building His church.

To understand the imagery of these versus, it is helpful to remind ourselves of King Solomon’s temple. His Temple was to be a permanent place where God dwelt amongst His people and was a potent symbol of divine favour. This temple was to be built with stones made perfect before being brought into God’s dwelling place. However, the basis of Mankind’s approach to this temple was obedience to God’s Law, which effectively put God out of reach.

However, King Jesus’ temple is better because it is built from ‘Living Stones’ and He dwells within His people (not just amongst them). This temple was more than a symbol, it was a promise of an age to come. Better still, ‘living stones’ come to him ‘imperfect’, and Jesus’ perfection is credited them! As we come to Jesus each & every day, He builds us into a Spiritual House; a Holy Priesthood who bring Spiritual Sacrifices. Best of all, the basis of Mankind’s approach to this temple is the grace of God!

These living stones are a chosen people; a royal priesthood, a holy nation, belonging to God. Their temple treasury is Jesus; they delight in proclaiming the excellent sufficiency of Christ. Living stones who have received mercy now work to offer and give mercy to others.

We heard from two living stones (Grant & Becca), 2 stories out of the hundreds who gathered. Can we believe for a day when we are 1000 such stories? 

A day when RFC is a thousand living stones being built together as a people, a holy nation, a royal priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices for the glory of God? 

Let’s believe/give/work for such a day!!!

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Chris & Lorraine said...

thanks Sean...great to keep up with you guys!! Great that many of those faces are still with you...please include us in that...at least Rainie was there...poking her head out!!