Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Vision Fund update

In Oct 2011 we started our Vision Fund, believing that God will provide for us our first home. 

We set ourselves the goal of raising £100k each year (on top of our regular giving) until the building was ours. We also said we would give away 10% of whatever comes in for the Vision Fund. 

On Sunday I gave an update on how year three is going: So far we have raised £74,971.62 with another £12,501.25 of pledges that still need to be honoured. We have given away £10,000 of Vision Fund tithe to Starting Point Reading

Assuming all the pledges come in, that leaves us with £12,437.13 still to be raised.

The plan therefore is to have a special offering at our celebration at the Madejski Stadium on Sunday 8th June. If every person gave £20 (+ Gift Aid) on that morning, we would cover the Vision Fund shortfall for this year.

Of course, come October 2014, all is reset and we shall try to raise another £100k ... but let's think about that after the summer break!

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Jason said...

Awesome, thank you Lord for your provision. The best is yet to come! :)