Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Top Tips for Catalyst Festival

With just a few days before we pack our cars & head off to the Catalyst Festival, I thought I would share a few pearls of wisdom:

#1 Don't drink any liquid after 5pm ... or you'll face the 'long walk of the full bladder' at 2am.

#2 Take a torch, we've got 66 tents/caravans on the RFC site and 2am is not the time to make a new friend as you fumble into their temporary dwelling. 

#3 Don't assume everyone is having a good time except you. We only see their upbeat facebook/twitter quotes BUT I suspect everyone has a wobbly moment. 
#4 Take wet weather gear, we're camping in the UK. Enough said.

#5 Decide to be friendly to people who seem weird. Pretty soon everyone will seem weird because they're friendly. The perfect spiral.

#6 Jesus is supposed to be centre stage, not us. Think about that long enough and lots of stuff will get simpler and more bearable. 

#7 Avoid boredom, play Festival Bingo by spotting the people below... 

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