Tuesday, 6 May 2014

First Tri of 2014

Yesterday, my son Joshua and I competed in the Hart Sprint Distance Triathlon, a pool based local race (400m swim, 20km bike, 5km run).

Joshua has proven himself to be faster over individual 400m swims and 5km runs, but we have never raced a 'Dad v Lad' Tri before. So there was a lot at stake!

It was perfect racing conditions (sunny, warm, light wind) making it a very pleasant experience (it has been cold and wet in previous years).

Our swims started at the same time but in different lanes and just as I turned to swim my last length, I saw Joshua out of the pool and running to his bike ... ARRGGHH!

Thankfully I had practised my swim/bike transition extensively and did my fastest yet. It didn't take too long before I caught up with him. Phew!

As I passed him I was A) pleased to have caught up; B) delighted we do something together we really enjoy; and C) Reminded that youth is no substitute to years of training/experience ;-)

Both our runs went well, Joshua really enjoyed the cross country course with it's deep stream crossing. We were also heartily cheered home by our fellow TVT club mates.

For the record, I won our inaugural 'Dad v Lad' race (probably the only time I will ever beat him) so am enjoying the heady glow of beating a future champion.

My time was 1:05:47 (3 minutes quicker than last year), placing me 33rd out of a field of 396 ... hooray!


Jason said...

Well done Sean! I can imagine it is an amazing experience to compete against your son! No doubt your next race will be a lot more challenging to keep ahead of Joshua! I look forward to introducing my kids to triathlon and cycling when they’re older! :)

Sean Green said...

hi Jason - I know quite a few Jason's ... which one are you!