Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Road trip to Bedford

One of the consequences of jumping to two mornings meetings is the pressure of time, resulting in our sung worship sometimes feeling 'hurried'. 

Now seems an apropiate point to look at this. We thought that if we took our worship leaders to another church who have two mornings meetings, we could observe how they do it and learn from them.

So, on Sunday morning, seven of us got into cars and headed up the M1 to Bedford, to experience the worship at the King's Arms church.

It went well.

As their first meeting started, I reminded our gang to "not get lost in worship but to remain objective" ... but let's just say I failed to do that!!!

It was brilliant to quickly feel at home, even though the songs were largely unfamiliar. It felt unhurried and intimate; less contributions than expected but God's presence was tangible. At the end they had a prayer/prophetic team who ministered to us/others. 

Afterwards we went to Burger King to share notes (the Angry Whopper was very tasty). We came up with a few lessons learnt and associated actions, hopefully we will be able to outwork these over the next few months. 

We have much to learn from The Kings Arms and yet we were all grateful for where we are as a church. 

We are really well served by our musicians, lead worshippers and worship leaders, do personally thank them next time you meet one!      

On a different note, they have a fabulous 30,000 sqft warehouse which is the footprint I have been asking God for when we get our building. It was very stirring to be given a quick tour ...

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