Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Reading 1/2 Marathon 2014

It was near perfect running conditions this year, except for a small headwind as you ran back up the A33 towards the Stadium.

I was hoping for a fairly quick time, ideally below 1hr30, but knew I hadn't done enough run training. I lined up with Craig Mackay and Steve from my Tri club and waited for the start gun. 

Steve paced us for the first 5 miles and soon we turned into London St to hear the thumping bass of Scott on his decks and the roar of RFCers cheering runners. It was brilliant and I was spurred on enormously!

The second half of the course is where you have to concentrate and keep a steady pace as you weave through the town centre and west Reading. Craig & I were evenly matched, so although little was said we knew the other was there which kept the pace steady. 

Finally we turned into the Stadium but as we crossed the line together I grabbed Craig's hand and held it aloft. Sadly the finishing photo looks as though Craig was helping me do a ballet pirouette (see it here). NOT cool.

Our time was 1:32:23 ... a memorable race if only for my ballet finish. On a more positive note, the guys from my club all commented on the great support from RFC on London Street :-) 

Sub 1hr30 will have to wait until next year.          

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