Tuesday, 4 February 2014

This Thursday.

I now realize that a few people are confused about what’s happening on Thursday of this week, so I thought I would try to clear it up.

24hrs of Prayer – We will be setting up a space in the church offices to help people seek God in prayer. Whilst there won’t be anyone leading, there will be plenty in the room to inspire you to pray. The aim of ‘24hrs of Prayer’ is not to fill every slot, rather to put Prayer at the centre of our community.  We plan to host 24hrs of prayer on the first Thursday of the coming months.

Lunch time Prayer Meeting – we will still gather at lunch time (12:30pm) to pray as we have normally done on the first Thursday of the month.

Members Meeting (8-9:30pm) – We pastors want to give an account of how the money given to RFC last year was spent, outline our 3yr Financial Plan and have a Q&A time. If you are a member of RFC you are warmly invited to this meeting at the church offices, as are those looking to become members.   

I hope this clears things up ... Love, Sean

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