Friday, 24 January 2014

24hr Prayer on 1st Thursday

One of our new initiatives for 2014 is to start a 24hr Prayer Room on the first Thursday of each month. 

Throughout this Thursday, starting at midnight, you can book one hour slots in a prayer room on the first floor of the church offices. You can either book it for exclusive use, which means you'll have it all to yourself, or you can book a slot where others are free to join you. All the bookings will be done through contacting the church office and we have a cunning plan for allowing access in the early hours!

If you're facing an issue at the moment, why not book a slot in the prayer room. Or perhaps you'd like to gather with others to pray together for a specific ministry, or just spend an hour praising God or listening to him. Whichever it is, I encourage you to book in, especially some of those early morning slots which may not be quite so popular!

We will still run the normal 1st Thursday prayer meetings at 12:30-1:30pm and 8-9:30pm. Hopefully by creating more options and opportunities to pray these will help us keep our lives centred on Jesus.

24hr Prayer starts on Thursday 6th February ... Do book a slot!

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