Friday, 6 December 2013

Volunteering in Istanbul

I received this email from a friend who is a church leader in Istanbul. I wonder if anyone in RFC would like to explore this opportunity. If so, contact me for more details ... 

As you may guess, the challenges of living cross-culturally and developing a busy ministry, we have found support at home with the kids to be an invaluable part of our existence. Having someone help us during this year has made a substantial difference to our quality of life!

Our current volunteer will be leaving at the end of January, and we are keen to find someone else. We plan to have a sabbatical at the end of June, so we are essentially looking for someone 1st Feb-30th June 2014. It costs 600 Turkish Lira a month (at the moment 200GBP) to keep someone here (excluding flights) - they would need to fund themselves.

I wonder if you have someone in your church who would consider this? They would need to be good with kids and willing to serve. Perhaps an FPer you could release? We have so far not managed to recruit anyone, and would value your prayers and help.

Please do let us know if an appropriate person comes to mind.

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