Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Notes from Sunday's Sermon - Esther 8

As we rejoin the story, we need to remind ourselves that the Villain is hanged but the bomb is ticking; Haman’s law against Gods people still stands.

Esther 8v1-6 The Love of a bride for her people.
Esther is safe but distressed. Why? Because judgement is coming on her family and her people, and she cannot bear to see their destruction.

Esther 8v7-13 The Law of a king that can’t be cancelled  
King Xerxes law is irrevocable; it can’t be changed, reversed, cancelled, repealed or revoked... yet they figured out a way to counter it. The irrevocable nature of Xerxes law is an echo of God’s Law, which is supremely Irrevocable.

God’s Law (Mosaic law) was given to restrain (to hold back) sin and to reveal God’s character (He is Holy). It also shows the standard of righteousness God requires of his people and the seriousness of Sin. God’s Law shows our need to atone for our Sin and that to do so we must go beyond ourselves to a substitute sacrifice. God’s Law points to a Coming Judgement, a great & terrible day of reckoning.

Read Revelation 20v11-15. Jesus Christ will be the judge. Those who have believed in Jesus will be judged but only in order to evaluate and bestow various levels of rewards ... they will not be condemned. Angels will be judged, certainly the rebellious ones. Those who have not believed in Jesus will also be judged. Every unbelieving man, woman and child will be eternally punished in varying degrees in the lake of fire. Hell can be thought of as a place of eternal, conscious punishment for the wicked. A place of unquenchable fire; devoid of hope, mercy and access to God. We are all destined to die once and then to face judgement (Heb 9v27).

And the clock is ticking.

Esther 8v14-17 The Joy of those who find salvation.
Once news of Mordecai’s law reaches the ends of the known earth, there is great joy & gladness; People rejoice as those rescued from certain death. The parallels for us are clear. Jesus came not to counter God's law, but to perfectly fulfil it.  

Yet will we pick up Esther’s plea in verse 6? How can we bear to see disaster fall on our people? How can we bear to see destruction of our family?

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