Friday, 20 December 2013

Latest on Naomi - a change in her plans

'I've been asked to stay with a couple of people in Nairobi to process information for the US government about what's happening, so, I think I will stay. I feel very hollow and empty being out of South Sudan and it'll be good to try to do something useful and be with others who are processing all this.

I've told my parents that I won't be with them for Christmas.  Please pray for them as they were understandably sad.  But I'll come home in a few weeks, or at least before I return to South Sudan.

Things are getting really bad. A friend's mum is stuck with young children and her two -year old granddaughter in a village that Nuer are attacking. Most people have run away but they don't feel they can as they don't have the strength, so we're just waiting. My friend is here in Nairobi. Everyone's just waiting.

Please pray.

Thankyou, Naomi'

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