Friday, 1 November 2013

Catalyst Festival: Sat 24 - Wed 27 May 2014

For the first 5 years of the church, we had an annual camping weekend - it was a great way of getting to know one another and build memories together.

Next year we plan to take many RFCers away on the second May bank holiday weekend to be part of the Catalyst Festival (We wont have any meetings that Sunday in Reading). 
This is a gathering of newfrontiers churches that want to relate to David Devenish and the team he is gathering. Families Green & Taylor went for a day last year and it was refreshing to gather with thousands to worship Jesus!

You can either camp or stay in a B&B and we will have our own area with a large marquee for us to hang out in. Bookings are now open with the first early bird discount expiring 30 November.  

For more information & booking details follow this link

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