Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Vision Sunday - another prophetic word

We asked several RFCers who have an established prophetic gift, to bring something on Vision Sunday. Here's one that didn't get spoken out but is so encouraging ...

I felt God gave me a picture last night of a football match and the commentators saying the words 'its not over yet, a football match is a game of two halves'. I felt God might say to the church not to rest on her laurels. That they may feel they've served, that they've financially given over this last season. They may be reminded of how many people have come to Christ and of how the church has grown. All amazing stuff. But God says its not time to sit back and think 'job done'. It's time to go again into 'the second half' and face new changes, 'new tactics' that need to be made and to go for it again. And for those who feel it hasn't been a great 'first half', that what God has in store isn't over yet... there's another half. And God says go for it! - Love Lois xx

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