Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Philosophy of Leadership @ RFC #1

A few people have asked for my session notes from the RFC Leadership Summit. I thought it easier to post them as a series over the coming weeks... 

With so many new people joining our community we want to ensure we develop men & women with a common & agreed ‘Philosophy of Leadership’. By this I mean a system of thought & assumptions; a set of ideas & beliefs through which we pass all our leadership decisions. To help communicate this, we will use the following images:

SHEEP: Mission as our bias:
When Jesus spoke about ‘His sheep’ in Jn10, He includes both existing believers AND those yet to found. He moved easily between these two sheep folds, and so must we. Clearly there is a spectrum between focusing exclusively on feeding ‘believing sheep’ and finding ‘lost sheep’. Our starting point/emphasis/bias at RFC is towards finding lost sheep. 

This is a profound distinction to make; tension in church life can arise because we are not agreed on this. Pastoral & Missional can be viewed as a spectrum, both extremes being unhelpful, but our bias at RFC is already agreed, Mission. 

This demands we need to work hard at feeding & caring for ‘found sheep’, lost sheep need to be added into a healthy sheepfold! But to be clear, the bias of eldership team at RFC is to first orientate our thinking & activity to those not yet in the sheepfold.

More to follow next week

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