Monday, 28 October 2013

Philosophy of Leadership @ RFC #2

DOOR: Sundays our Front Door 
The biggest door into the life of our church is still our Sunday meetings. We have to be honest and acknowledge we have grown primarily through new people coming on a Sunday and not Alpha or mid week activities. Our Sunday meetings are disproportionately important for our mission / growth.

First impressions count far more than they should; yet a great building & location count for less than a friendly welcome & authentic faith on display. Again, first impressions count more than they should, so we pursue excellence in welcome, worship, preaching & kids works. 

We endeavour to have enough seats & space at the right time & place; we ensure our front door stays open and says welcome; we try to think like a newcomer and remove as many hurdles as possible (jargon, etc).

More to follow ...

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