Thursday, 10 October 2013

News from the campus

Here is an email I received from Lydia Burnham who is on the CU exec at Reading Uni

Hi Sean, We had such an amazing week last week with the Christian Union, meeting loads of new Christian students and also having various non-christians come along to evangelistic events. 

Some of the highlights for me were: 

  • Really encouraging numbers of students engaging with the events, more than I had hoped for. 
  • Great prayer meetings every morning, sharing blessings from the day before and praying for the day ahead.
  • Great team work within the CU with lots of the older students really getting involved and working very hard all week without complaining A couple of non-christians who are interested in finding out more (we are having an Alpha Launch tonight so hopefully they will come to that)
  • Large numbers of international students at our international welcome meal (80) and at the first 'Small World Cafe' which runs weekly (60)
  • Really exciting first main meeting, room was packed out with about 120 students of which more than half were new. 
  • Great gospel message by Dan Dwelly and lots of new friendships forming. 
  • 150 new students signing up who want to join CU or find out more about Christianity 
  • Some of the first years already getting involved giving out flyers or helping at events. 
Thank you so much for the support that RFC gives to the CU. We really appreciate the effort which is made to involve students in church life so that they can be a part of church family and be discipled. And thank you for praying for us last week, God more than answered our prayers for the week and as a team of leaders we are so excited to see what Jesus will do on campus this year. 

Would I be able to give some sort of short testimony about some of the points above so that the church can hear a bit of how God is working on campus? Thanks, Lydia

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i agree with this testemant