Saturday, 27 July 2013

Isle of Wight with an Ouch!

On Wednesday 11 of us travelled to Cowes for the now annual bike trip around the Isle of Wight. Its a 66 mile route with a good sprinkling of hills and brilliant vistas (not that we stop to enjoy many of them).

This year we were joined by our first female, Lucy Thomas, who did really well. We also had a few riding hybrid bikes which managed to keep up!

It was almost an 'uneventful ride' with just one puncture (James Del Rio). That was until I got stung by a wasp and later crashed whilst descending a steep hill. I was flying down, leaning into a corner when my bike slid away beneath me (diesel on the road). 


Once we stopped the bleeding and I had come to terms with the damage to my bike, we cycled on for 40 more miles.

Apart from that, it was a brilliant day, and better to come home with grazes than never to have gone at all. But I am very sore ...    


Lawrence said...

Hi Sean- sounds really fun your annual isle of wight ride. I would be keen to start something at our church- Grace Church Caversham.
Possibly a bit different- maybe as a guys social or a father and son type thing. could you tell me your route and how much does the day cost in total.


Sean Green said...

Hi Lawrence - the ferry trip is £15 return but a group ticket takes it down to £10. then its just the cost of petrol to Southampton and snacks on the way ... the route can be found here ...