Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Holding hands in public

Today at the Reading Pastors Prayer Meeting we went to Forbury gardens in order to 'sow revival seeds into the heart of our town'.

This involved digging a small hole on the Forbury mound; putting in paper cards on which key prophetic words/promises were written; pouring Oil for healing and Water from a town in Wales experiencing revival on them; then burying them. A stake was then literally driven into the ground and prayed over (the head of the mallet came off mid stroke which made me smile).  

We shared communion with proper red wine (Anglicans can be relied upon for that) and then spoke out the Lord's prayer as we all held hands in a big circle.

Now for me, much of this symbolism is helpful albeit at the very limit of my comfort zone. Holding hands in public for what seemed an extended time was WAY over my line of comfort ... thankfully no-one then tried to hug me.

I write this because I want to fully identify with my fellow pastors & leaders in the town; we genuinely love being together and partnering for the gospel. Jesus is clearly using these dear brothers & sisters and it was a privilege to be part of this symbolic/prophetic act in the heart of Reading. 

I really like how we do things at RFC yet we are not the full expression of what it means to follow Jesus whole heartedly.   

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