Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Back to Stoneleigh

On Monday families Green & Taylor travelled to Stoneleigh to attend the Catalyst Festival. 3500 people were camping over the bank holiday weekend as part of Dave Devenish's sphere of churches. 

Newfrontiers in the UK is now led by 6 apostles (Dave being one) and each has churches relating to them. We are using this year to consider which sphere to be part of. 

The day brought back quite a few memories. In 2001 a handful of us camped there as the Reading Rabble (the forerunner of RFC) at the last Stoneleigh Bible Week. 

On Monday, Mike Pilavachi spoke at the evening meeting and he was excellent, my son really enjoyed listening to him. There was lots to do and I can easily see us taking several hundred there next year, if we decided to go.

Dave Devenish is preaching here on Sunday 14 July - please mark that date in your diary and come to catch his heart.

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