Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Thoughts on Jump Sunday

I guess like many RFCers, I came home with a big smile on my face. 

Somehow we made jumping from 2 to 3 congregations look easy and effortless. We jumped evenly at Reading Girls (157@9am, 133@11pm) and at South St we gathered 64 in the evening. Once the students get back we can see how the attendance numbers settle down across the 3 meetings. 

My son left the house at 7:15am cycling to the school to help PA set-up and came home at 1pm buzzing. As a parent of a teenager, church doesn't get better than that!

It was really difficult to find fault with Sunday morning. Yes, we need more chairs out and adjust the layout in the hall. Yes, tea & toast also needs a little attention and we need to do pack down a lot quicker. But those are details we expected to find. 

Sunday evening initially faced many challenges, not least spinning up new bands and PA & Lighting teams. Yet the congregation at South Street rose to the task and served us all so well. It was church as usual, with new faces being drawn into the growing sense of momentum & community  

It was a brilliant day in the life of the church. There was faith, excitement and a desire to keep doing new things. RFCers really are exceptional at serving and embracing acts of faith. 

We can now put out 350 chairs for the 9 & 11am meetings and 124 at the 6:30pm. That's a lot of seats for new people to come and sit on.

Lets see how Jesus uses this to build His church.

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