Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Love to the uttermost

With Easter fast approaching, it is easy to miss the true meaning of the holiday weekend. 

I thought it would be helpful to encourage as many of us as possible to use a daily reading plan that John Piper has just released called “Love to the Uttermost”.
It starts this Sunday (24th March) and finishes 8 days later on Easter Sunday. Each day will take about 5 minutes to read and the insights are so helpful. 

Given we are soon jumping from two to three congregations, reading this together will help us feel part of one community preparing for Easter.   

It has been released as an ebook in various forms:
Note: To load the eBook on a mobile device it may be necessary to view this post from within your device, then to click the download option. A limited number of paper copies of the pdf file will be available this Sunday.

Do consider using this tool to help you prepare for Easter; I’m guessing that you like me want Easter to be more than just time off with chocolate!

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