Monday, 18 March 2013

Two emails of thanks ...

Yesterday, Scott and others from RFC ran a drinks station outside the church offices for the Reading Half Marathon. Today I got two emails from friends in my tri club TVT:

"Hi Sean - I think your church did a station at the Reading Half. Just like to congratulate them on an outstanding job...The best music on the route and a massive cheer for the TVT runners. If it wasn't your church you should join it, lol, ... Dave"

"Hi Sean - just a quick email to thank Scott and members of your church for the nice and warm welcome we received as we came to your London St feed station. Although I think I was the only one that took a warm drink I know that the reception was very much appreciated by the group - regards Derek." 

The second one from Derek was because he looking after the family & friends of Ged Clarke (who tragically died at the race finish last year). They were walking the route before the race started as a tribute and we had arranged to offer them drinks & a clap of recognition.

I got round in 1:30:28 ... 

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