Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Middle distance Triathlon racing

My notes from a TVT session on middle distance racing (1.3mile swim, 56mile bike, 13.1 run):

Training Ethos:
  • It's a big step up from the Olympic distance, you can't blast it.
  • 'Train to race' don't 'Race to train'.
  • Leave you ego at the door; don't be that 'training session world champion'.
  • Always ride to run strong.
  • You've got to finish on race day.
  • Aim for a '30 minute window' on your target time e.g. 5:30-6hrs.
  • Pacing pays.
  • Planning & Practice make for a happy day.
  • Practice everything – drinking, feeding and the different types of food.
  • Don't try anything new on race day.
  • Find out what the 'race day feed station' will supply, then try them before hand.
  • Don't get hungry on the bike – if you do it's probably too late.
  • Eat every 20 minutes on the bike, set your sports watch to beep at intervals.
  • Eat complex carbohydrates on the bike, avoid simple sugars.
  • Kelloggs elevensies bars & malt-loaf are cheaper alternatives to sports bars.
  • Drink enough liquid and use electrolyte tablets.
  • Practice eating & drinking whilst running.
  • Digestion is reduced when running, experiment with food types.
  • Too many Energy Gels will mess with/cramp your stomach.
  • Eat within 30 minutes after training, ideally something with protein.
  • A Nesquik Milkshake with a banana is a good recovery drink.
  • Train to a plan – but don't worry about missed days.
  • Put your plan on the fridge door – make it a family affair.
  • Use your time well, focused training is better than just training.
  • Ride the race course before hand.
  • Train to HR, know your zones.
  • If you think you are going too fast on the bike, you probably are.
  • Practice everything! Even the shorts & top you will run in. 
Race Day:
  • Aim to run within 10-15% of your ½ marathon P.B.
  • Ride your bike to HR not speed … remember you're riding to run strong!
  • Know when and where the Aid Stations are.
  • Think through if / how you will pick up food & drink on the bike.
  • Time is well spent in Transition putting on the right kit for the conditions.  
  • Stuff goes wrong, that's racing.
  • Don't panic when you puncture. Stay calm, keep your HR down, you've got a 30 minute window for a finishing time.
  • Enjoy the race, savour the finish, book the next. 


Ed Goode said...

I can eat and walk like a pro!

Sean Green said...

so pleased your sense of humour is as english as ever! very funny as always :o)

Matthew said...

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