Friday, 8 February 2013

Leadership@RFC for 2013

Last night at the members meeting we talked about the new shape of the elders/deacons/leaders framework.

We plan to jump to two morning meetings at RGS from April 14 so we have aligned venue leadership and supporting midweek ministries.

Points to note: 
  • The congregation at SSAC now has a formal core team although specific roles have not yet been defined.
  • Kat Staring will now concentrate on our ever growing midweek toddler group 'Rainbows'.
  • Josh John will lead our musicians.
  • Richard is on sabbatical until Sept (he's getting married in April).

Probably the biggest philosophical change is that the elders are no longer at the centre of everything (as previous diagrams have always shown). Our role is changing as the church moves beyond 400. 

The elders will now give more attention to RFCs footprint, foundations & direction whilst increasingly letting the deacons & leaders shape day2day activities.

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