Sunday, 17 February 2013

Eggs & Bacon

A Golf Club Church exists for its members; they have little appetite to engage in the communities surrounding them – that’s not what they do. But we’re not going to be a Golf Club Church rather a community on mission together.

Eggs & Bacon: Sometime we all need to rethink and reorder our lives. All of us are involved in many spheres & activities, and most of us are already committed to a few things. The question arises, are we committed to the right things? If you want to eat eggs & bacon you need the chicken to be involved and the pig to be committed. If you want to follow Jesus, He demands a ‘pig like commitment’ to being a community on mission.

The Least, The Last & the Lost: Jesus wasn’t chicken about Mission. His entire life was given over to the imperative of reconciling lost people to God. From birth to the desert; from the olive grove to the court and the cross he yielded His life to mission. He was amongst the least, the last and the lost; He related to the poor, the despised, the forgotten and the lonely; He went to the homes of the grieving, the sick and the unclean. If you are talking egg &bacon about mission, Jesus made like a pig. 

Friction/traction: what slows us down can also help keep us on track. When we see the shortfall between what Jesus was committed to and what we are committed, that should create a crisis (friction). We can use this crisis to redirect our lives (traction) so that we align ourselves for mission.  

Read John 18v1-11: Jesus ‘made like a pig’ regarding mission, He was totally committed to it. He yielded his life and agenda to God’s unfolding story of salvation in people. He gave himself to mission. We who follow Him should do likewise.

Say Yes: Mission doesn’t start with evangelism, but by saying ‘yes’ to Jesus. We said ‘yes’ to Him when we started following Him and we should continue to say ‘yes’ to his teaching & example. We are to say ‘yes’ to being a community on God’s mission. Saying 'yes' may create friction in our community but friction can help gain traction for mission. 

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