Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Church as missionaries

A church that is primarily concerned with its members but is irrelevant to, and isolated from, its local community could be called a Golf Club Church. This was never God’s plan for our church.

Sacred & Secular: A mindset that divides the world into sacred & secular, holy & unholy, church & non-church is one of the prime causes of Golf Club churches. In these churches believers shift their focus to the church, leaving little energy to be salt and light in their places of work, leisure or education. Yet Jesus’ life & death was not in a temple but in the public places & spaces. His people are to bear witness to His life, death & resurrection in all of life’s arenas, there is no division between secular and sacred.     

A true pastor: Pastors are to look after believers but that is only part of their job. Jesus said ‘I have other sheep not of this pen. I must bring them also’ (Jn 10v16). True pastors create sheepfolds (gatherings) that contain different people: Pre-believers are welcomed & helped to explored the claims and teaching of Jesus. Believers who grow and are joined in heart with the members. Members who share common values with the pastors and want to be counted upon to serve, love and grow. And in the sheepfold two lines are cut into in the grass: the line of faith and the line of membership.    

The vibe: We need to retune the vibe of RFC by considering again 3 shared values we hold dearly: #1 We are saved only by grace, we contributed nothing to our own salvation. The only reason there is any difference between our attitude & behavior and their attitude & behavior is the grace of God. #2 We need the gospel as much as the pre-believer, applying the gospel daily chokes any sign of arrogance in us. #3 We are servants of our town because Jesus came not to be served, but to serve. Servants have an attitude of humility not superiority.  

Martyrs: Jesus said that his followers were to go and be his witnesses (martyrs) throughout the known world. It is thought that 10 of Jesus 12 disciples were martyred for their testimony. It is little wonder that Jesus told his followers to wait for the promised gift of the Holy Spirit to empower them to go on mission. That same gift is available to us today – the Holy Spirit is ready and willing to come upon us now to empower us for mission.  

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God Bless all missionaries and Keep it Guys!

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