Thursday, 17 January 2013

Golf Club Church

For the past 11 years many of us have been dreaming of (and trying to build) a church that is a growing, Jesus-centred community, serving the town of Reading & beyond. 
This Sunday I shall be preaching on what we call Vision Sunday. Whilst we have so much to give thanks for (not least our numerical growth), I sense we need to be make a few adjustments to how we think & do church.

So Sunday is going to be a little different in that I shall be introducing a sermon series which will explain some of the changes we plan to make and why. 

Some of these changes will have a tangibly impact on most of us; others will be more subtle in nature yet have an equally significant impact. 

Change is rarely easy and few of us embrace it with open arms (I tend to be a late adopter). Yet I trust that as we move into 2013 with faith & confidence, Jesus will continue to build His church through us.

Please come on Sunday all prayed up and ready for more adventure in God.

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Ed Goode said...

Just listened to this, so excited for you guys!