Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A bunch of thanks

Each Christmas we ask the Lifegroup leaders & Pastoral Team to recommend who in RFC would benefit from food vouchers over the festive period. A few thank you cards have landed in the office this week, a selection of quotes are below:

Dear Reading Family Church
We wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely surprise that came through our door before Christmas. The Sainsburys gift card arrived at just the right time as we were trying to work out what we could afford to buy to eat at Christmas. We really appreciate your generosity towards us and the support & encouragement you have given us over this particularly difficult year. 

Dear RFC 
Thank you very much for the Asda gift card you gave me and my family. It was really touching and came at just the right time as I was going to Asda that day and was praying about what I would buy in order to feed the kids on what little money I had. It's just amazing how God works. Thank you for your support, I find it hard to accept that anyone would want to help me when I am used to being the one helping everyone else. 

Dear all at Reading Family Church 
We wanted to write and say a big thank you for your generous gift just before Christmas. We so appreciate your love and support it what has been a very difficult season for us.

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