Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Turkey with friends

Last week Liz and I had the privilege of attending the newfrontiers Conference in Turkey. Over 400 leaders from around the world gathered for 4 days of teaching, envisioning and fellowship.

The sense of family and being together on mission was brilliant. We ate with different people each meal time and enjoyed their diverse contexts. 

A typical day was breakfast with African pastors, lunch with church planters from Stockholm and dinner with a guy church planting in Japan. Coffee breaks included conversations with those in Middle East contexts, and praying with Philippinoes about RFCs new Sunday venue!

We caught up with Dave & Hanna Henson, sadly he is still in a lot of pain from his operation on his spine. I swum with Adrian Birks (he preached recently with us), and we spent an evening with Adrian Holloway who will be speaking at our carol concerts in December.

Liz & I also went to Ephesus and it was moving to sit in the same theatre that the Apostle Paul made his defence as recorded in Acts 19. 
All in all it was newfrontiers at its best: mission, faith, heartfelt worship, teaching and a strong sense of family unity.

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