Monday, 1 October 2012

His first & my last

Saturday was my son's first triathlon with an openwater swim. Our club entered 10 teams in this relay event, we were on the same team, each doing a 400m swim, 15km bike, 5km run.
The lake temp was below 16C which made for a bracing 400m swim (the wetsuit only started to warm up as you got out)!
Joshua did really well, and coped with the tussles from other swimmers going round the marker buoys (it's DEFINITELY a contact sport!).
Sadly the bike leg was cancelled because of the poor conditions of the route ... Dorney lake was an Olympic venue and the site contractors currently dismantling the site had left too much mud on the road. Very annoying. 

That meant we had fresh legs for a fast 5km run. Joshua flew round in 20:40 which included a lengthy transition of timing chip from me! Craig, as ever, made sure he looked fresh for the camera but I reckon he was struggling!
 A great morning of racing but sadly my last for this year.  

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