Tuesday, 4 September 2012

News from Derrick about his mum

If you were around in August you'll know we have been praying for Derricks mum who was gravely ill with cancer in Singapore ... 

'Dear RFC Mom (Sally) has gone to be with the Lord at 11.15am Sunday 26th August 2012. Mom has certainly been liberated from pain and suffering which was very severe in those last days. As hard as it was to see her go and now deal with the void she's left behind, we know that she's in a better place. In light of the recent event, I finally really understand the statement i'm about to make: Thank you Jesus for your promise of eternal life. I get to see mom in heaven in the future. It's not a goodbye but it's a 'see you soon'. 

There are still a myriad of things to be sorted but we're getting there. Dealing with the absence of mom as we continue on with life is something which is inevitable for it is that process that healing and adjustments will entail. At this point of time, we're still catching each other sniffling and staring in space. I've caught dad a number of times turning his head to his side as if speaking to mom (but really: speaking to himself). 

2012 has been a very trying year. Dad's lost his soulmate, his companion, his wife. I've been having visa issues (which would be a story for another day) and Callie had to dive headfirst along with us in her first year of marriage. We now see his 'bigger picture' as to why the progression of things happened the way they did but i'm sure there's more to it than meets our eyes. His grander scheme of things we shall not try to comprehend. 

Thank you so much for standing with us and helping through this very rough patch. Callie and I was talking and one of the things mentioned was how RFC has always been there as a family despite the short time we've been with you. You guys have the sense of family evident in your church structure and certainly you walk the talk of being Christ-like. We've been comforted and encouraged so much by your church. Well done, RFC. We might be in UK for a few weeks in October to tie loose ends (which we didn't get to do) and we're trying to get dad and my sister, Joanne over for 2 weeks to fulfill mom's dreams (it was mom and dad's plans to visit Europe and UK June - July which was cancelled due to mom's declining health). 

Once again - thank you so very much for your thoughts, prayers, support. Keith and Lesley, Tope, Richard and the life group : thanks so so very much for sharing your lives with us. 

Sean : For your tough words of love which is well rooted in the Word of God which have been reality checks as well as words that initiated healing.
Scott: For being that father figure, embracing us and encouraging us. 
Matt Young: For your heart of gold. 

God bless you guys, Derrick

PS: Mom's wake service was recorded and streamed live. We had many church members at different parts of the globe tuning in: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/24998055'

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