Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dad & Lad on a relay team

So this Saturday Joshua and I are doing our last race of this season. Our club has entered 10 teams into a relay Triathlon at Eaton-Dorney Lake, currently there are 96 different teams overall.

Each team has 3 'athletes' the first of whom will swim 400m in the lake, then pass a timing chip to the next who then swims the 400m, and then so will the third.We then each ride 15km in succession; then each run 5km; again passing the same timing chip between us to gain a cumulative time. 

The event is supposed to be friendly, fun and not taken too seriously.
The only concern is that the water temperature has now dropped below 16C, that is chilly when you first get in. Especially so when you are 14 years old, have a shorty wetsuit and not overly confident swimming in a lake. 

Joshua has swum 1200m in a lake before with no problem but swimming amongst 96 wildly thrashing triathletes in cold murky water will be different. 

It will be quite a challenge for my beloved son.

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