Thursday, 30 August 2012

News from Zim

RFC currently has a team of 10 out in Zimbabwe partnering with Creating Better Futures and renewing old friendships with various churches in Harare. 

Becca C, Chris, Mike & Dorothy & Jasmine, Anne M, Kat LF, Richard, Scott & Sitho flew out last weekend for a two week trip. Here's the news so far ...

'Scott driving well in Harare - tricky with potholes and free thinking drivers, road signs in bad shape. We have discovered stone throwing and catching gifts in Becca and particularly Kat who won our roadside game of "donkey". Anne is enjoying leading gardening when we plant vegetables at the orphanages. Carol Mush is on holiday here but has been with us throughout, her knowledge of Harare is not quite invaluable! Mike, Dorothy and Jasmine are working hard and having a fab time - Dorothy's mum and brother are legends. Chris Poston making good links with other folk in the church who work with poor communities. Rich, besides tummy troubles is true to form!

Spending time with the orphans has been a blessing, God reveals so much in and to us. My own heart for the 18 yr olds who come out of orphanages with little to no chance in life is growing - more thoughts on this later. Rich speaking this evening and Scott and I over the weekend - Sitho'

'We're all good guys. Team working well together. Seen lots of orphans and lots of need.  My yeah has definitely become more of a ja but I know that it'll change back in Reading. After a while anyway. Off to Cheza school tomorrow and to kingdom church where Richard is preaching. Much love to y'all! Blessings from Zim - Scott'

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