Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Blogging again

So it has been a busy August so far:

We had a brilliant 2 week family holiday in Northumberland: a wild coastline, marshmellows roasted on beach fires, bike rides with Joshua, tide-fights, a visit to Farne islands & lighthouse, crabbing, and dramatic coastal castles. My phone was switched off and it hardly rained ... happy days. 

Yesterday was the annual Isle of Wight bike trip - 65 miles of hills, hills and more hills. I went through two inner tubes but the other guys had no such issues :o) The cafe at Freshwater was a new innovation and set to become a feature of the ride!  

I am off to 'Together at Westpoint' this weekend on behalf of RFC exploring which newfrontiers apostolic sphere we will relate to ... more on this over the Autumn term.

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Richard Walker said...

Nice to know my legacy is being continued! :-)