Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Blessing those we haven't met #2

Last Sunday we had representatives from anther three local charities with us. The money we have given to AgeUK Reading will be used to cover costs for a theatre trip. It was good to meet Ken and hear him describe the many other ways that they serve the older people in Reading.
Malcolm from 'Faith Christian Group' not only thanked us for the cheque to help them furnish flats for those who would otherwise be homeless but also  for being a main ongoing sponsor for Readifood (the Green boxes at the front on Sundays).  
Alison from Reading Refugee Support Group talked about how our gift has enabled them to offer a day trip to Beale Park for various families who are seeking sanctuary in our town. I really enjoyed chatting to her before the meeting began, co-coincidently my son is doing a project on the charity for his school!

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