Wednesday, 4 July 2012

1st Thursday - another thing to pray into

Our church prayer rhythm continues tomorrow with a day set aside for fasting and pray...

LatinLink (our landlord) has advised us that we should plan to vacant our London Street offices by the end of the year. 

These have been central to all we do outside of Sundays: Youth, Toddlers, Socials, Lunches, Training, Band practice, Storage, Alpha, Biblical Thinking Forum, Staff & Administration, to name but a few!

We now have six months in which to seek God and make our next step, be that a temporary office or our much prayed for bigger venue for midweek activities & Sundays. 

I do sense Ben's sermon on Sunday (comfort zone, miracle zone, revelation zone) was very timely. As a church we seem to be in a comfort zone yet a crisis is building that could well result in a miracle & a greater revelation of who Jesus is.

So although it can feel unsettling, I am choosing to see God's hand in it and find it both stimulating and exciting. As such, I am looking forward to setting aside tomorrow to fast and prayer with my fellow brothers and sister in Christ here at RFC.

Meeting times at offices: Lunch time 12:30 - 1:30, Evening 8-9:45pm. 

Hope to see you there.

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