Thursday, 28 June 2012

Known for our love #2

I met with another Reading pastor for lunch yesterday and he innocently asked me what I was reading & who was inspiring me. This is a question I would ask others and is common amongst pastors, yet I found it awkward to answer. 

My answer was tainted with my loss of appetite for Christian books, conferences & marvelling at other peoples journeys with God. In its place is a hunger for my own story being written from an intimate, experiential relationship with Jesus.

So I responded weakly, almost apologetically, that I am primarily reading the gospel of John and that Jesus is the most inspiring person in my life at the moment. 

 It felt so cheesy to say, it just seemed to hang there in the silence. I felt obliged to also mumbled something about Bill Hybels & Mark Driscoll but it wasn't with any conviction... 

I blog this because the heart & source of being 'known for our love for one another' is knowing, loving and being with Jesus. Who He is and who we are in Him, fuels our love for Him and His bride. Abiding, dwelling, resting and drawing from Him bears the fruit of love in us.

The starting point for being 'known for our love' is knowing who first loved us.

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