Wednesday, 13 June 2012

France Vacance 2012

So this year we spent half term in the Loire Valley, in a chalet on a small camp site between Orleans & Blois. The site was close to the river and connected into the brilliant cycle paths of that region.

The kids loved the pools, badminton & table tennis and made full use of the sun loungers on the few hot & sunny days! We had some hilarious antics on the unsupervised water flumes; we bought inflatable tubes to zoom down on and I actually got friction burns from the speed!
Joshua and I managed to get a few runs & rides in, as well as swimming against the lazy river as part of our training workouts! We all enjoyed our new family board game Carcasonne  which was really good, a top game for 5 people.

Lucy and I read two Harry Potter books and watched the associated films, the books are far better. Liz didn't see as many ch√Ęteaus & pretty villages as she hoped but we were having so much fun on the site.   

The only down side for me was driving through Paris when I forget we had a bike on the roof and I hit a height restriction barrier ... very stressful and it broke a gear level on Joshua's bike  :o(

Oh, the other rubbish thing was that I couldn't find any olives to eat with the lovely French cheeses & wine...

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