Friday, 25 May 2012

Trying to manage Sunday morning growth #2

After Easter, you may remember I blogged about trying to manage Sunday morning growth

For the past 6 weeks we have been running a pilot scheme of Crèche & Kids Church starting at 10:20. In parallel to this, the SUPA team have been working on optimal seating plans and have now managed to put out 350 chairs in the hall.  

The Crèche, Kids Church & SUPA teams have learned valuable lesson from this period and have demonstrated we can create space for growth on Sunday mornings, albeit by the children going to their groups at 10:20.

That said, the summer months are generally quieter in terms of attendance (but not expectation, God is still at work!) so we think it appropriate to switch back to having the children in with the adults over this period. I suspect that once we get to the end of September, morning attendance will again demand we take the children out from 10:20, but we will make that decision then.

So, from Sunday 3 June, the children will start the meeting with the adults in the main hall and go to their groups after approx 20 minutes.

This whole exercise was always about trying to ‘create maximum seating at the optimum time’ so that more people can come and be part of what God is doing amongst us. Thanks to everyone who've put out more chairs, led kids groups for longer, and embraced change & inconvenience with faith.

If you have any feedback on the pilot scheme, please do let me know. Let’s keep believing God for an amazing tomorrow ...

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