Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Jesus delayed ...

John 11 records that Jesus delayed, Lazarus died, Martha & Mary mourned ... and God was glorified through it. Whichever way we look at Him, Jesus will not be tamed by our requests. 

His love for us is expressed in something far greater, God's glory. Jesus allows Lazarus to die in order that the glory of the cross & resurrection be foreshadowed. He allows a brother to die and sisters to grieve because God is more glorified in the subsequent resuscitation and celebration.

I find these verses both troubling & joyful. 

They reveal that my having a trouble & pain free life is not God's ultimate aim. They point to Mystery; to something bigger than my horizon; more profound than us always smiling; the greater reality of a glorious God fully engaged in His creation.

Jesus is not being awkward or aloof by not immediately responding. He already has in mind what he means to do. So the sisters watched their brother die, wrapped him in grave cloves, put a stone across the tomb and left him for dead.

"Lazarus come out... Take off the grave clothes and let him go".

I don't know why Karena Mackay died aged 48; nor why Jasmine Allchurch died a few days before her first birthday. I can not begin to imagine the pain both families went through as their cries for help were not answered in the ways they hoped. 

But I do know that, like Lazarus, they will rise from the dead when Jesus returns and calls their names. I do know that unlike Lazarus, they will not die again!

When Jesus delays, we have to live with mystery. When He returns, then we shall know unbridled joy.  

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