Thursday, 12 April 2012

Caught not taught - Julian Adams

Some things in life need to be experienced not just talked about; we need to create time to be part of something rather than compress it into an offline teaching moment.

Much of God’s Kingdom is of this category, certainly receiving from Julian Adams’ is. He has a remarkable prophetic gift and a passion to see God’s people move in supernatural power for the glory of God. Deposits from him are caught experientially in meetings rather than just listening to his teaching via mp3.
Can I encourage you to book into the day conference on Saturday (21st April 10-4pm). I do sense the God wants to put a deposit into us as church through Julian, so we need as many RFCers to be part of that Saturday as possible. Book yourself in here.  

It won’t be convenient to take a day out and travel to Bracknell, but it will help equip us to come into all that God has for us.

Hope to see you there - Sean  

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